Sponsored By:   Woodinville Sports Cars


4th Annual Falcon Gridiron Auction

August 25, 2018, 6pm

Echo Falls Golf Course



Dear Falcon Families-

We need you to support the Woodinville High School Football Program.  As part of our dedication to all Woodinville High School football players, our club raises money to offset costs for the team and provide scholarships for players who need financial assistance.  Reaching our goal depends on the generosity of the families of Woodinville High School, businesses and community members. 

We need your help to make this years Falcon Gridiron Auction a success.  Here is how you can help.  If every family could help procure an item or experience valued at $100 or more, we could easily reach our goal.  Procurements are fun and easy.  This packet will help get you started as it contains everything you need to help donate items to this year’s auction. 

You can ask coworkers, friends, family members and other personal and professional connections to donate items to our auction. 

Local businesses and retailers are wonderful resources for donations of products and services as in-kind donations.  Many will be happy to donate, especially if you let the companies know that they will be featured in our event advertising.

Along with procurements we are also looking for 15-20 desserts and a couple of volunteers for the evening of the auction.  If you love to bake or know of a restaurant or bakery that has decadent desserts, we need you!

We are so fortunate to live in a community that loves and supports or football program and because of you and your contribution to this year’s Gridiron Auction we are going to have an amazing year!  Go Falcons!



Auction Item Procurement

Procurement Deadline

August 10, 2018

Our goal is to have each family procure an item or items with a value of $100 or more.  A successful auction depends on you.  We would like to thank you in advance for your help with procurements this year by providing a special promotional raffle for families who participate in procurements.  You will receive a raffle ticket for every $100 value that you are able to procure.  The more you procure the more tickets you will receive.  Your tickets will be entered into a raffle the night of the Auction.  You do not need to be present to win. 

How to Procure Your Auction Item

Procuring does not mean purchasing but rather generating.  Unless you are so inclined, you need not purchase items to donate to the auction.  Should you choose to buy an item or gift certificate, ask the merchant to match your purchase and you have twice the donation.

Procurement Basics

Keep your auction procurement packets handy; be sure to sign your name to the letter and put your name in Solicitor’s Name Box so you get credit for procuring the item.  When you patronize a business, especially one you use regularly, ask them to donate.


Think broadly – what can you donate, what can your friends, family, and acquaintances donate, and what can the businesses you patronize donate.  Do you work for a company that will donate or that participates in a company matching program?  Do you have a timeshare, vacation home, or experience you can share? How about tickets or services?  If you purchase wine, beer, or liquor ask for a match on your purchase or a free tasting for a group.  Experiences like golfing or fishing?  Travel or Cruise?  How about a unique experience, for example:  Do you like to cook, garden or plan events?  You can provide a unique experience.  If your family is booking a room at a hotel or a resort, ask the manager if they would provide a free night?  Does the resort have a Restaurant?  Create the ultimate package with a room, dinner, theater and wine?  Do you have a favorite salon, spa, club?  How about Dentist, Medical, Vision, Sports Therapist or Trainer?  Senior pictures or photographers?  How about pets and services or supplies?  The ideas are endless, so be creative and have fun!            

Contact: Shara McCann
Procurement Coordinator





           Wine                                                                           Beauty

Beer                                                                            Hair

Liquor                                                                        Nails

Hotels                                                                         Spa

Vacation Homes                                                        Education

Condos                                                                       Dental

Resorts                                                                       Medical

Lodging                                                                      Vision

Airfare                                                                       Sports Therapist

Tickets                                                                       Training                                

Party                                                                          Health & Fitness

Unique Experiences                                                  Club                                   

Services                                                                      Sports

Pets                                                                             Tickets          

Boarding                                                                    Memorabilia

Services                                                                      Sporting Goods

Supplies                                                                      Fishing

Restaurant                                                                 Boating

Pizza                                                                           Golfing          

Coffee                                                                         Equestrian

Burgers                                                                      Photography

Gardening                                                                  Art

Travel                                                                         Cruise